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Auctions Every Monday! Follow Us on Facebook for Updates
RBA Affiliates

RBA Affiliates

Become an RBA Photobooths Affiliate. RBA Photobooths generally focuses on manufacturing and selling portable photo booth shells and photo booth packages. Lately, we have gotten some heavy calls for photo booth rentals outside our realm and we have always forwarded them to customers near them who purchased a photo booth from us. This allows us to help our customers grow their photo booth rental business and at the same time, create an opportunity for us to stay in touch with our customers.

We believe in working together. We believe in growing together. We believe in "Paying it Forward". Having a mutual understanding about each another's business, allows us to respectfully help each other grow. Let's face it, when our photo booth customers grow their rental business and find themselves double book, there are only 2 questions they have to ask themselves.

- I don't have enough photo booth to handle the rental, should I turn the business down?

- Should I contact RBA Photobooths and buy another system so I can scale my business?

RBA Photobooths has a mission! Our mission is to get you to ask those two questions to yourself. You decide on the answer. But whatever your answer might be, know that RBA will be there for you.

We have created this link as a way to properly direct customers who are looking for Photo Booth rentals across America and around the world. If you feel this can help your rental business regardless if you're a DJ, Photographer or Photo Booth owner, send us your logo and a link to your website and we will create that backlink for you. After all, we share the same entertainment industry. Customers that are booking DJs for an event are the same ones who need Photographers and Photo booth services.

So why not? What could you lose for sending us your company logo? If this concept helps you generate the leads for your rental business, then the goal is set!






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