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T12 LED Photo Booth Ring Light Options

T12 LED Photo Booth Ring Light Options


Now that you bought your T12 LED Photo Booth Shell Enclosure, you are on your way to building your T12 LED Photo Booth System.  The next step is choosing your ring light for your system.  

There are two types of ring lights to choose from.  The most common and standard ring light is our RBA Ring Light, but you can also opt out and use the Alien Bees ABR800.  We think it is an over kill for the photo booth, but of course some photographers have it already and want to use it anyway.  For half price, you can simply go with the RBA Ring Light and set your camera settings according to the light current room brightness.  The one advantage of using the

RBA ring light is that we offer our own warranty and not another manufacturer.  What that means is, if something ever go wrong with our light, we simply ship you a new one and diagnose what went wrong.  If the light was damage through negligence and actually not a product failure, then we simply charge you a repair cost.  Keep in mind, that you did not have to cancel the event because you had a replacement sent to you versus, manufacturer's warranty.  If the ABR800 fails or stop working, we have to call Paul C. Buff and exercise the warranty they have issued.  Therefore, we wait until they have all of the paper work completed.  What that means is, you don't have a working light while we wait for them to study the warranty.  This is beyond our control.


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