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Auctions Every Monday! Follow Us on Facebook for Updates

About Us


A global conglomeration of RBA, and, RBA Photobooths is the #1 online source for all of the finest photo booths, photo booth shells, mirror booths and other trend-worthy entertainment essentials. Having been in the business of innovation and photo booth manufacturing for over 25 years now, we are well equipped with experience and expertise. Knowledgeable and dedicated to developing products that set the trends, we are the preferred photo booth pick among party professionals far and wide. Unlike typical photo booths, our photo booth shells are conveniently portable, easy to set up and designed to provide hours and hours of endless fun. Whether looking to keep things sweet and simple or wanting to take your entertainment stations over the top, we have the photo booths you can rely on to make life's most precious moments truly unforgettable. Built tough, enhanced with various high tech upgrades and much more stylish than usual, our photo booths can be found at all the hottest parties, most memorable weddings and most talked about corporate events. By rendering superior customer service and premium grade products that ultimately speak for themselves, we at RBA Photobooths are devoted to providing a world class customer experience from start to finish.


We believe that creating superb branded fun environments and experiences is a collaborative process. We believe in absolute flexibility; that our relationship with our clients should be a partnership. We believe in listening, learning and providing quality photos, organic and unretouched in order to optimize the experiences we create. We strive to continually look for ways to take advantage of new mediums for reaching consumers, promoting brand awareness & facilitating exciting and memorable experiences.


“We will provide the photo booth marketplace with innovative design, quality fabrication and superior services at a very affordable investment, creating a new level of value.” Founded on this principle in 2010, RBA Photobooths has quickly grown into one of the nation’s top photo booth sales and manufacturer. Our mission and core values drive our processes and define us as an entity; creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit are the genesis of our institution. Our strength lives within our maintenance of an insatiable desire to pioneer new ways to inspire, promote, educate and entertain. We have set out on a mission to spread good vibes by providing entertainment essentials that offer festive flair and entice the eye. Truly representative of the modern era, our portable photo booths are designed to complement special events such as weddings, birthday parties, family reunions and more. Photos capture snapshot memories and last a lifetime, allowing you and your guests to look back and reminisce. Pictures produced by our high tech photo booths can even be used as party favors to send guests home with a little something to remember your event by. We're revolutionizing the industry one smile at a time!


RBA Photobooths team is fully committed to earning your trust by offering products that meet and exceed expectations. These aren't your average photo booths we're selling. Our unique photo booth shells are renowned for their innovative enhancements, modernistic style, versatility and portability. They're the photo booths professional party planners and event coordinators count on when putting together entertainment packages for weddings, engagement parties, soirees or socials, corporate conferences and more. We even carry photo booths upgraded with built-in slideshow monitors that showcase all of the best moments of your event for all to see.

For more information or if you have any questions, please give us a call toll free 888-340-8883