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Time for a Groufie! The Advantages and Unique Features of Mirror Photo Booths

Time for a Groufie! The Advantages and Unique Features of Mirror Photo Booths

Today, we live in a selfie world full of technology and convenience. When the occasion calls for it, taking pictures is a fun endeavor that not only saves memories but also serves as posterity for your social event. The traditional photo booths are gradually becoming even more high-tech now that there are mirror photo booths! This article explores the concept of a mirror photo booth and how they can help spice up your trade show or corporate engagement.

But First, What are Mirror Photo Booths?

You can even call them the magic mirror booth since the magical effect on your guests is almost straight out of a storybook! They are completely customizable and interactive mirror photo booths that have different features a normal photo booth doesn’t. On the outside, the mirror photo booth for sale or rent looks like a full-length mirror. But it is actually a full touch screen using advanced touchscreen technology for taking pictures. The customizability is far more than your usual photo booth since this type invites the users to sign their names, add stickers, and all different kinds of fun accessories on the photo itself. The users are also allowed to send their creations to their smartphone or share it on their social media accounts.

Read on to discover more about the mirror photo booth and how it can help liven up your social event:

The Unique Concept and Avant-garde Features of a Mirror Photo Booth

  1. Mirror booths can detect hand gestures and are fully touchscreen and user-friendly!

Touchscreen controls make it easier for the users to customize their snapshots fully. Gesture recognition is also available for the users for ease in controlling when the picture can be shot. For instance, when your rent or buy mirror photo booth units from a trusted photo booth manufacturer, you can set the mirror photo booth to snap a pic with just the movement of your hand or arm.

  1. Take a picture using Voice Activation controls

Another novel feature of the latest mirror photo booths is their voice activation control. Some smartphones today have this kind of manipulation tactic, and now photo booths have it, too. This feature works when the users make a certain noise like a scream or say a certain word like “cheese” or ”capture” to take the picture when they are ready. They can also make noises like clapping their hands for it to work.

  1. Accessorize your fun groufie with cool animations

Aside from the different photo booth signs and props like fun frames, ridiculous hats, and cute stickers, you can also customize your mirror photo booth picture using animated messages. The users of the mirror photo booth can either scribble their own messages and names on their pictures and now they can choose preset animated messages to make the snapshot more personal. You can even customize your own event’s name and design motif for a nice souvenir for the guests at your event when you rent or buy mirror photo booth units from a known photo booth manufacturer.

So, should you go and rent one for your social event?

Of course, the decision is yours. But with all these fun and tech-savvy features, why not? When you rent or buy any mirror me photo booth for sale like an oval mirror photo booth or even a DIY mirror photo booth from photo booth manufacturer or rental services today, it not only adds entertainment value to your event but also lets your guests take home a lingering memory of how they enjoyed your event in the form of their happy smiles on a photo.

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