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Auctions Every Monday! Follow Us on Facebook for Updates
Why Choose RBA Photobooths

Why Choose RBA Photobooths

We build and manufacture custom aluminum photo booths and accessories for GSA contracts and other government and corporate industries. Our photo booths are well-manufactured, we value all customers to the best of our abilities, and we provide excellent customer service. Learn Why Choose RBA Photobooths


Fast Return of Investment

A lot of our customers will buy a photo booth and they want to know what they can expect after they buy a photo booth. When you buy a photo booth, you rent them out, when you rent them out, you make money, essentially. That’s all it is. You go out there and you say yes to the money that comes your way. Within two months you break even the third month, pure profit. The reason why I say pure profit is because unlike us, where it’s the product that we sell, you’re selling service. There is no product exchange, it’s pure profit. In the third month, the second month you break even the third month, you start making money. By the end of the year, you made income to scale your business three times four.

Lifetime Technical Support

  • One of the biggest benefits of buying from RBA Photo Booths is our technical support guaranteed from our team of photo booth experts.
  • If you are having any issues regarding on photo booth, please feel free to contact us. Our photo booth experts will patiently work with you to resolve your concern.
How to contact the RBA Support Team There are many ways to contact RBA Photo Booths technical support.
  • Use the Facebook live chat at the bottom right of this page
  • Call us during business hours at 866-412-0160
  • Email us at
  • Go to our contact page and send us a message

Expert Business Advice About What Photo Booth You Must Have

We need to understand who you are, are you a photographer? DJ? Are you a homestay mom who is bored, but have the finance to buy a business? Are you an event planner or catering? If you are a photographer, we extremely suggest the T11 2.5 photo booth you will understand and appreciate the picture quality using the beauty dish umbrella. Based on our research, basand analytics, the photographers tend to buy the T11 2.5 photo booth more than anything else. The DJs all tend to buy the T12 LED photo booth more than anything else. Now it’s not to say that one is wrong than the other. It just means that it is in their comfort level. It is in their best interest to buy a certain photo booth design because of what they’re familiar with.

Elegant Photo Booth Designs

photo booths for sale

Dedicated Manufacturing Facility

If you buy from RBA Photo Booths, it is guaranteed that you will receive a:
  • Reduced cost for deliveries
  • Shorter lead time
  • Safety standard and quality assurance

Access to Online Training Tool

  • Access training anytime and anywhere

    • Whether you are using desktop or mobile, morning or night, you and your colleagues can easily watch our training videos.
  • Connect face to face even when apart

    • Attend virtual training sessions via zoom, or watch setup and configurations via TeamViewer. 
  • Training Videos

    • We will continue to create helpful photo booth training videos for photo booth newbies. We have put an intensive amount of effort to create installation and configuration videos. Please subscribe to our Youtube Channel

Quality Assurance

  • We prevent mistakes and defects in manufacturing photo booth products.
  • Avoiding problems and issue when delivering products or services to customers
  • We ensure that the final product is passed based on the company’s standard.

We Accept Financing Options

We accept credit cards, cash checks, or photo booth financing applications through a third-party company that can help you get your investments together.
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