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What Is Your Portable Photo Booth Rental Pricing

What Is Your Portable Photo Booth Rental Pricing

...All Inclusive or A La Carte

What do you include and what do you put on as extras?
Some companies like to offer only once package and promote that. When I think about pricing strategies. I think often of what airlines do. Sone charge a premium price with lots of things included while others offer rock bottom prices, but you even get charged for the peanuts.

I have been going to the Mobile Beat DJ Conventions for years and I have seen many dj charge to cheap when i talk to them.  

In determining my pricing strategy I decided to offer in effect both systems. When someone calls me asking for price I start with the lowest price to keep them talking but then explain all their options. I give them a choice between a-la-carte and all inclusive.

There is nothing underhanded here and it actually works quite well. At wedding shoes I offer them a special on the all-inclusive package that is a huge savings over paying for everything a-la-carte.
Everyone has to decide on their own pricing strategy. Just find that this method works well for me.

If you decide to do a Groupon to get your business started, make sure that you offer the lowest price package on the Groupon and then add the additional. For example you could sell a 2 hour package for
$399 and then sell additional hours for $199 after the fact. I hope there are no Groupon reps reading this but the secret is that this way you are splitting less money with Groupon too.

Don’t Sell Yourself Short
You will never be the cheapest photobooth out there, so concentrate on being the best. There will always be someone cheaper than you. Do a lot of research toc come up with the correct pricing then stick with it, at least for a while. Keeping consistent also allows you to get others to sell for you.

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