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What is a 360 Photo Booth, and How Does It Work

What is a 360 Photo Booth, and How Does It Work

360 photo booths take photos by circling around the subject to capture a 360-degree view of every pose. Guests will surely enjoy this hottest new trend of event photography, and your party will be the talk of the town. 

Although it is widely referred to as a 360 picture booth, it's actually a video booth that records 120 frames per second. The subject will need to stand on the platform, and the camera will circle the subject 360 degrees. The camera will then take slow-motion videos. 

The captured frames can be emailed to the subject's email address or through text message. There is also an option to add background and customized overlay graphics. It is fun, new, and fast. That is why it became a hit overnight. 


Different Uses of 360 Photo Booths

One of the reasons the sales of 360 photo booths in physical stores and online commerce increase is its many uses. Check out these different instances where you will find 360 photo booths useful. 


Can Be Used for Weddings 

A wedding is a significant event for couples. It is their big day, and everything should be perfect, from the dress to the food and even the entertainment. One favorite entertainment for weddings nowadays is the 360 photo booth

It can't only be enjoyed by the bride and the groom but also their entire guest list. The 360 photo booth machine is an excellent way to capture valuable moments during this big event. This machine is not just an entertainment add-on. It also captures every moment in this special event. 


Effective Brand or Product Marketing

Many brands utilize 360 photo booth cameras to help them promote their brand or product. The consumer will appreciate your product more as they get to interact with it and take pictures using the 360 photo booth. 

You will never miss a shot as you get every angle of the product or brand that you are featuring. Bring a 360 photo booth to your trade shows and events, and it will entice the audiences to check out your kiosk. It is truly a helpful tool to increase brand awareness and effortless marketing stunts. 


Additional Features in Social Events

Are you worried that your social event will be boring? Worry no more. Set up a 360 photo booth on one corner, and your guests will surely love your event. Whether it is a birthday party, anniversary, or graduation, having a 360 photo booth will add fun to the party. 

Your guests will never have to wait long to acquire their party snapshots. They can instantly grab a copy of their pose or send it directly to their smartphone. With a 360 photo booth at your event, you do not need to worry about entertaining guests, as the booth will do that for you. 


Provides 360 Virtual Tours 

Virtual tours are the new trend in architecture, real estate, and tourism. 360 photo booths are used in these industries to capture a 360-degree image of a house, a hotel, a tourist destination, and the like. 

It gives consumers a chance to tour a specific space before visiting them. Photos have been a significant tool in offering housing in real estate, showing hotel features and amenities, and sharing perspectives on architectural designs.

However, the 360 photo booth gives a more detailed approach to this traditional marketing and promotional strategy. Exploring a certain area in a 360-degree view gives a whole lot of new experiences for the consumers. As a result, sales in these industries increase with this photography technique. 


How To Use A 360 Photo Booth 

If you haven't used a 360 photo booth before, you need to know that there are things you need to consider. You need to ensure the quality of the photo's outcome by following these few simple tips. 

  1. Select the best location for your photo booth. It is recommended to place it where the machine can conveniently take photos of the subject in different directions. It means you must place it without any obstacles around it. 
  2. Ensure there's enough room in the booth for everybody to stand comfortably.
  3. Choose a location with good lighting to ensure that your photos are clear and vivid.
  4. Since a 360 photo booth is different from a traditional photo, you should consider that the camera will capture everything. So, a distracting background can ruin an entire image. 


Where Can You Purchase a 360 Photo Booth?

Having your own 360 photo booth can let you enjoy its benefits during your personal events. You can also rent it out for profit. Because of its popularity, the demand for 360 photo booths at events is high. It can be a good business to venture in. 

Due to its high demand, clients will look for you, not the other way around. You can search for 360 photo booths on online commerce like Amazon and eBay. It is the most convenient way to shop for the best 360 photo booth that you can use to ramp up your events or start your photo booth rental business. 

Check out every online commerce that offers 360 photo booths to ensure that you will see all your options. 

In Conclusion

The new generation of photography is here, and one of the must-have machines is the 360 photo booth. This type of photo booth can be used for various purposes, from capturing precious moments at weddings to marketing and real estate. 

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