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Upselling Your Portable Photo Booth Using Charity Events

Upselling Your Portable Photo Booth Using Charity Events

The last time you went to McDonalds, do you remember them asking “Would you like fries with that?” Of course you did. It’s part of their script.

There is a reason that every time you got to Best Buy they try to sell you extended warranties. They make more money. Similarly, airlines will try to get you through the door with low fares and then charge you for luggage, food and so forth. $7 popcorn at the movie theatre is the ultimate up-sell.

You may not like it, or like to do it, but the plain business fact is that up-selling works and it is not rocket science.

Learning to up-sell, or add to sure sale, is a vital skill that most if not all successful sales and business people have, and is a skill you must learn to utilize if you don’t want to miss the opportunity to make more money.

To my DJ companies, the photobooth itself is an up-sell. If you are making this much money as a DJ, wouldn’t you like the chance to double it by offering a photobooth. Similarly, many photographer are using portable photobooths as an up-sell to their existing services.

Of course, once the client has chosen your portable photobooth there are many ways to add to the sale.

A big difference between a very profitable photobooth company and not-so profitable photobooth company is the ability to capitalize on up-sells.

Also keep in mind that there is a very fine line between up-selling the right way and increasing your profits and being pushy in a way that turns off your customers and ends up losing you money. On the fine line you must always view up-sells from the point of view of the customer. Always offer an up-sell because it will ultimately benefit the customer, not just because you want to make more money.

Service Tiers As Up-Sells

Offering different tier levels of service is the ultimate up-sell. I call mine at the moment the


I avoid, and you should avoid the price question by asking them what package they want.

Of course their first question will be What is Your Price!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I generally say that our packages range from $395 to several thousand dollars depending on what specific package is requested. I ask them to tell me a bit about their vision for their event and then I can suggest what package would best make their event success at the best price.

This gets them to talk more about their event and it builds rapport.

Now keep in mind that I do not come up with money figures out of thin air. Everything has a price and is itemized.

Green Screen

Green Screen generally requires a more experienced operator and better lighting At least this is the case if you want it done right. Also, there are many more photobooth operators than green screen photobooth operators. Using the laws of supply and demand, I charge $150 extra for green screen except on the all-inclusive package of course. Of course I love doing green screen, but that does not mean I will throw it in for free. Well, may I will throw it in for a few of my favorite customers, but definitely not for most.

Red Carpet And Stanchions

A red carpet and stanchions add a touch of class to any event.

One thing you have to keep in mind here is that before you up-sell that red carpet and stanchions, make sure that you are familiar with the venue and the space you are allotted. You don’t want to sell this and then find out that you can not set up because you have no space.

Idle Tine As An Up-sell

The following situation happens all the time. A bride or groom books a 4 hour package and then a week before the wedding they tell you they need to have you set up at 3 pm.

Now with the all-inclusive package I will set it up at whatever time they want as they are paying me a premium price for “the works”.

For the a-la-carte package however, I always charge for idle time. How many jobs do you know of where you are told to show up to work 5 hours early and wait around and not get paid? Didn’t think you could name one.

I generally charge $50 per hour for idle time.


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