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Photo Booth Business: Creating A Successful Upsell

Photo Booth Business: Creating A Successful Upsell

Having said all this, keep in mind that a successful up-sell is one that the customer never regrets. In order for up-selling to succeed always look at the up-sell from the customer’s point of view. The ultimate goal should not be to increase your take but rather to increase the customer’s ultimate satisfaction. If you approach up-selling from this point of view then the money will follow naturally. Think long term not short term.

The words you use will also determine how successful your up-selling endeavors will be. Take a lesson from .After every sale they will try to up-sell you with yet another item. But you will notice they never write “We recommend”. They always write “Customers who bought this item also bought”. It’s a subtle difference but one that probably makes Amazon millions of dollars.

So to convert this info to your portable photobooth business, when you are trying to sell green screen, do no say “I recommend you get green screen.” Always say, “Many of our customers request green screen. They find it adds to the excitement their guest experience. 

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