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Best Photo Booth for Mobile DJs

Best Photo Booth for Mobile DJs

Mobile DJs are always at a party. In fact, they are the heart of the event. They hype the crowd and ensure that the energy level will be the same throughout the event. As a mobile DJ, you should also consider adding a sideline to earn more revenue out of the events you are booked. 

For example, 73% of weddings rent photo booths. If you can tap on this, you can increase your revenue in every event you will service. You can start shopping for the best photo booth for DJs to start earning additional revenue. 

What is the Best Photo Booth for DJs?

The most recommended photo booth that is suitable for your DJ company are the T12 LED photo booth and Nimbus pro v2 photo booth. It is the best photo booth for DJs that can surely provide what the customer needs. It is designed to be the most flexible, portable, DSLR and iPad photo booth today. 

You can set it up and personalize it according to your client's preference. A lot of business owner prefers the pic station mini for its flexibility. You can also easily convert it from an iPad photo booth to a DSLR photo booth. 

Another reason why the T12 LED photo booth and Nimbus pro v2 photo booth are the most chosen photo booth for photo booth rental companies and DJs is because of its affordability. Meanwhile, this type of photo booth can be rented out for between $500 to $1500. 

With that being said, you can get your return on investment in only a short period. You can offer the photo booth as an add-on to your DJ package offerings. 

Photo Booth Add-ons and Accessories to Consider 

Aside from the photo booth itself, you must also consider the accessories or add-ons you need to operate a photo booth. Following are the accessories you must acquire along with the photo booth, and a must include in your budget. 

Photo Booth Software for DJs

Photo booths require software to operate. The booth will be lifeless without software and nothing more than an empty shell. The first thing you should consider when purchasing a photo booth software for your photo booth, the first thing you should consider is how simple or difficult it is to configure the event. 

Does the event require you to set up the photo booth with software? Or you can use cloud-based software to set up your photo booth. You must choose software that is simple to use to avoid any unforeseen issues. 

An easy-to-operate software will also provide the guests with ease of use. You will never have to attend the entire event to assist them when using the photo booth. A good photo booth software will make the process easy and seamless. 

Photo Booth Backdrops for DJ Business

The backdrops are the next accessory you must-have for your photo booth DJ business. There are so many options you have when it comes to the photo booth backdrops. You must avoid those cheap tripod backdrops as it is wobbly and fragile. 

Instead, you should go for sequin backdrops, tension fabric backdrops, and double-sided backdrops. Sequin backdrop is very eye-catching and is an excellent way to add a radiant touch to the event. 

The tension fabric backdrops, on the other hand, can be used for any event, but it is more popular during trade fairs. If your client is looking for a more smooth and seamless look with professional-looking portraits, you can go for double-sided backdrops. 

Photo Printers for DJ Photo Booth 

This next accessory is vital for a photo booth. How would your photo booth print the captured images if no photo printer is installed? Although you can still operate a photo booth without a printer but instead share the photos gathered through social media. This approach is called “Social Booths.”

However, offering printouts can still be a plus and an edge over your competitors. When selecting a photo printer, you have to consider that you should choose a photo printer that produces high-quality photos. 

The number one recommended photo booth printer that can do the job properly is the DNP RX1 printer. It is compact and is designed for photo booth usage.

Photo Booth Props

If you offer photo booths along with your DJ gig, you should ensure that it will never become boring. Photo booth props are a good way to keep the guests entertained and maintain their interest in the machine. 

One of the popular and easy-to-carry photo booth props you can consider is the PVC sign props. Many photo booth rental companies offer this signage as the main props for their photo booth because it is bulky. 

However, you are still allowed to bring other props to provide a more fun environment for the guests, but it is only your personal choice if it doesn’t bother you at all. 

Start Configuring Your First DJ Photo Booth 

Start setting up a photo booth to add to your DJ event package and earn more. Use this guide to help you with your photo booth shopping to ensure that you are choosing the best photo booth for Mobile DJs and accessories. 

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