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A Must-have Sales Channel for Shopify Store Owners

A Must-have Sales Channel for Shopify Store Owners

You need to be visible, wherever your target market is. Building a Shopify store is a good place to start given the rising popularity of e-commerce. This enables you to establish your online brand and shopfront.

Owning a store, creating a product range, and knowing what demands to cater to are the start. Developing a proactive marketing strategy will put you ahead of the competition.

Shopify offers a customizable setup. Its flexibility allows it to work well with other platforms and tap a wider audience.

In this article, we will focus on digital marketing. How it can help Shopify grow its business in e-commerce and a few reminders to follow.

Facebook + Messenger

Since launched it has been the undefeated king of social media with 1.96 million visitors daily. Sharing of information, advertisement and selling have never been more accessible. All because of its interactive timeline and constant innovations.


It's a low-cost marketing tool. Facebook allows users to create a page that will serve as a secondary shop to any business for free. Personalized sharing of information through comments, react buttons and sharing of posts.


  • Users can advertise for free by posting and sharing photographs and videos.
  •  Targeted audience through Facebook ad boosting. It offers customized metrics such as age, gender, demography, interest, location, hobby, etc.,
  •  Link Whatsapp account and provide contact options to clients.
  •   Facebook allows link sharing of external websites such as Shopify. Curious-driven visits could mean future regular customers.


  • Some country has restricted this app, e.g. China & North Korea. Depending on your market & location, it's best to do your research first.
  •  Not all content or items can be posted on Facebook.
  • User engagement and reach could decline once you stop paying for the ad boosting. Facebook only becomes a powerful marketing tool as long as you pay for it.


The fourth most popular & downloaded social media platform in the world. It has 1.5 million monthly active users, 33.8% of whom are millennials followed by Gen Z at 29.3%. This makes it ideal for any marketers who are eyeing to tap a younger audience.


  • A direct and simpler form of advertising. It's developed to be aesthetically engaging through photos and videos.
  •  Pioneering innovations adding reels and stories. Wherein Shopify links can be tagged and will automatically redirect to shopping carts.
  • Instagram product tagging enables Shopify shopkeepers to display item prices and discounts. As well as, link your post to a website.
  •  Shoppable posts where users can view and buy without leaving the Instagram page.



  •  It requires Facebook store with listed product catalog. It should have no age or geographic limits.
  • The Instagram shop must have at least 100 followers before it can sell.
  • Can only offer tangible or physical goods



A video-sharing app that allows users to watch, create or share short videos online. It has evolved from traditional media by using short clips of creative videos.  Gen Z and Millennials are the top active users. They account for 25% and 22.4% of its active audience share. This makes it one of the fastest-growing social media platforms.


  • Shopify has also partnered with Tiktok through its business account. This enables the users to shop direct in-app or click tag website and process check-out
  • It has a lot of features. Such as stickers, filters, video editing, music selection and augmented reality. Which is a strong tool for marketing and brand awareness.
  • High user engagement as video offers stitch and duets that enables collaboration.


  • Limited content format as it is an app developed in a form of video content.
  • It is also a very time-consuming platform as it requires content to be of a specific duration only. Publishing content requires more time.


Google Shopping

It is a gateway towards an audience of potential customers that are willing and ready to buy.  On average, 1.91% of its visitor buy. It enables shoppers to locate and compare available products online among different vendors. Through Shopify Google Shopping Integration, you can tap millions of buyers online.


  • Reach a wider customer base through its top list Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) 
  • Targeted keywords with Shopify Google Shopping campaign reaches appropriate audience. 
  • Click-through rate ads assesses the effectiveness of investment in advertisements. 
  • Time-saving as google manages the ad campaign. You also need not worry about learning the intricacies of running a campaign as it will do it for you.


  • It requires more steps to follow compared to other platforms. Such as Google Merchant Center Account, Fill up Tax Information, Confirmed Website, Linked Merchant Center & Google Ads.
  • Limited control as the algorithm computes and controls the entire campaign.
  • Fewer insights about what keywords ads shown and if it matches on the product.



Shopify has everything you need to set up your own independent business online. Its easy-to-use tool sets allow any business to sell products worldwide. Among its many great advantages is its ability to sell across multi-channel.

Expand your business by tapping social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok has the largest online customer database in the world. You can also partner up with Google shopping who's known in the business.


Shopify is for any business wanting to leverage the potential of e-commerce.  For as low as $29 you get everything you need to create your store, ship orders, and process payments. Avail the 3-day free trial and choose to upgrade based on your need.

If you want to open up your business, Shopify is the best choice.


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