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6 Types of Photo Booths You Must Buy

6 Types of Photo Booths You Must Buy

Photo booths come in various types. Each type has its respective features that the other doesn't have. So, when you plan to purchase photo booths, you should ensure that you acquire only the best ones. You have the option to focus on the type of photo booth, but you also have the choice to choose one of each type. 

The only thing that you will need to remember is if the photo booth you are selecting is worth purchasing. To help you in deciding which photo booths will give you value for your money, you should check out these six options we will share with you below. 

The Nimbus Pro V2 Ipad Photo Booth

The photo booth industry is growing, and having the Nimbus Pro V2 iPad Photo Booth will keep you on trend. Your competitors might already have this photo booth in their collection. The Nimbus Pro V2 iPad Photo Booth is commonly used in corporate events. 

nimbus pro v2 photo booths for sale

It aims to provide a whole new experience to the guests through its social media concept photo booth feature. The Nimbus V2 Photo Booth can also be installed in restaurants, trade shows, nightclubs, and even at the doctor's offices. 

This photo booth concept is the newest trend that you should not miss out on. Its sleek and minimalist design makes it attractive. It is why this photo booth is popular nowadays, especially among the young generation. 

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T12 LED Photo Booth 

Another must-have photo booth that you should add to your collection is the T12 LED Photo Booth. It is another modern photo booth that is popular in events today. Its portability is something that you should appreciate.

The T12 LED photo booth can easily fit into a sedan for easy transportation. Moreover, this photo booth will surely add life to the events where it will be installed as its LED light feature will be one of the highlights of the events. 

Additionally, the T12 LED photo booth doesn't only come with different LED color lights, as the booth itself is available in various colors. It is made from aircraft aluminum, making the booth lightweight and easy to carry. You can also adjust the height that allows it to accommodate guests of all sizes and ages. 

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PMB-800 Blaze Mirror Booth

If you are looking for a compact photo booth, the Blaze Mirror Booth is the one for you. Many photo booth clients prefer a photo booth that is not bulky and will only eat up a small space in their event without it being boring. 

Having a Blaze Mirror Booth in your arsenal of photo booths will give your customers a chance to choose the best photo booth for their events. It is equipped with the latest technology and features to entertain the guests for hours.

It is user-friendly and easy to operate, making it suitable for younger and older guests. It is also highly customizable, and you can set it up to fit your theme. Its versatility and portability are why it has become a popular photo booth option in every event.

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PMB-700 Edge Mirror Booth

Another mirror booth that you should add to your collection is the Edge Mirror Booth. Like the PMB-800 Blaze Mirror Booth, the PMB-700 Edge Mirror Booth is user-friendly and customizable for a more personalized photo booth approach.

Moreover, like any other mirror photo booth, the Edge Mirror Booth lets the subjects have a look at what the photo will look like before they capture it. This way, they can have the opportunity to find the best angle and pose before they click the camera. 

This feature is one of the most popular in mirror booths, so many customers are looking for this type of photo booth to install at their parties. 

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360 Photo Booth

For customers looking for a photo booth that can provide their guests with full 360-degree photographs, the 360 photo booth is the best for them. You must own this type of photo booth as it is the personal favorite for trade shows and weddings. 

The 360 photo booth is capable of producing a virtual reality experience for your guests that they will surely never forget. 360 photo booths are, in fact, a slow-motion video. It captures every angle of the subject that gives a 360-degree view. 

This photo booth type is also used in real estate and local tourism virtual tours. So, if you own this photo booth, you will have endless bookings for events and virtual tours, and the like. 

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Glamify Photo Booth 

The last worthy photo booth to add to your collection is the Glamify photo booth. It gives out a classy look because of its matte finish. The Glamify photo booth is also made from aircraft-grade aluminum, making it lightweight and durable. 

In addition to that, the Glamify photo booth is also equipped with bright and colorful LED lights that will attract your guests into using the booth. With the attractive features of the Glamify photo booth, it will instantly become the centerpiece of the events. 

With that being said, many individuals will surely look to rent a Glamify photo booth at their events to entertain their guests throughout the party. 

Start Collecting These Photo Booths

Photo booth rentals are undoubtedly one of the popular trends in the photography and events industry. It is why this kind of business is considered one of the most in-demand and with a fast ROI nowadays. 

However, if your collection does not have these six photo booths, you will never reach the full potential of a photo booth business. Therefore, start collecting the mentioned types of photo booths and see how your revenue increases over time. 

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