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[item] - RBA Photobooths Manufacturer | Custom Photobooths for Sale

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DJ Photo Booth Business Package. DJs have been popular and in-demand for almost every party/event. This package is another practical alternative from RBA for our DJ friends who wants to embark on the photo booth business.

This package provides a complete setup for a fully operational photo booth business plus a backdrop for a greater photo effect.

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How to Install T20 3.0 COMBO Photo Booth

T21 3.0 Photo Booth Kiosk Packagerba T20 3.0 Combo Photo Booth Shell Specifications:

This the newest photo booth design. Inspired by our T20, the T20 3.0 COMBO is only 8″ thick which makes it lighter than the original T20 and has a rubber tight tilt option which will allow you to get all 180-degree angles.

Head Size: 28″ X 23″ X 8″

Photographers Photo Booth Business Package Includes:


**PhotoBooth specifications and components may change without further notice**

Additional Inclusions:

*customers are responsible for scheduling their own tech-support

  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Technical Support Peer to Peer access
  • 1 Year Tutorials


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