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From Corporate Meetings and Conferences to Product Launches, Press Events, Weddings and Birthday Parties, T20 3.0 ECO Planar 22 Photo Booth delivers memorable experiences that endure.  We merge the physical with the digital to create interactive experiences of any scale that promote, connect, excite and endure lasting memories for many years to come. 

This is the newest photo booth design. Inspired by our RBA T20 Photo Booth Shell, the RBA ECO Planar 22, is only 8″ thick which makes it lighter than the original T20 Photo Booth Shell and has a rubber tight tilt option which will allow you to get all 180 degree angles.

The T20 3.0 ECO Planar 22 Photo Booth Shell Enclosure is unique in every way, and portable enough to fit in small Sedan.  With it's BIG 22" touch screen size fitting, you are sure to have a non-stop photo taking at your party. 

Booking Photo Booth Events just got alot easier with The T20 3.0 ECO Planar 22 Photo Booth.

✅ Made In The USA With Lightweight Aircraft Aluminum. 

✅ Height Adjustable Head Unit To Accommodate Guests Of All Sizes.  

✅ Breaks Down Into 6 Pieces For Easy Transport. 

✅ Travel Cases Available. 

✅ RBA Ring Flash

✅ Fits Most DSLR Cameras 

✅ Fits Planar PXL2230MW 22" USB Optical Touchscreen Monitor


What else do I need to have a working T20 3.0 ECO Planar 22 photo booth?

  • PXL2230MW 22" USB Optical Touchscreen Monitor
  • AOC E1759FWU 17″ USB 3.0 Monitor
  • RBA Custom Ringflash
  • Powered USB Hub 3.0 (Anker 7-Port USB 3.0 Data Hub)
  • USB 3.0 Vertical Angled A Male to A Female Coupler Connector Adapter
  • Canon Rebel T5 or T6 DSLR Camera
  • Canon Power Adapter
  • Hot Shoe (This goes above your camera flash mount)
  • Dye Sublimation Printer (we recommend the DNP RX1HS)


    • Weight: 49 lbs
    • Base plate: 26 inches x 20 inches x .25 inches
    • Cut out: PXL2230MW 22" USB Optical Touchscreen Monitor
    • Size: 23" X 8" X 67"
    • Head piece enclosure dimensions: 23 inches wide x 28 inches high x 8 inches thick.
    • Tilting head increments of 360 degree

    **ABR bracket sold separately


    CLICK to Download the T20 Eco Planar Installation Manual

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    How to Install the T20 3.0 Eco Planar Photo Booth



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    • Is this Photo Booth in stock?

      Yes all of our photo booth shells are available and in stock ready to ship.  However, just like most stores who keeps inventory on stock, we too will run out.  When it does runs out, you will notice on the listing that it will state "out of stock" but you can still order it.

    • I understand this unit fits the RBA Ring Flash, but I already have the Alienbees ABR800 Ring Flash. Can I fit that inside this Photo Booth Shell?

      This particular Photo Booth Shell fits the RBA Ring Flash and we have created a special bracket to match it perfectly, however, if you have the ABR800, you have to buy the special bracket from our website in order to use your ABR800 ring flash.

    • I have an Alien Bees B800 pro- photoflash, my computer is Inspiron 24 , 5000 series, model 5459, the measure are 22 3/4 \"L x 15\" H.

      Although the measurements may seem almost okay to fit, there are also other factors that play in fitting a different monitor to the shell.  The bracket is also made to fit a specific monitor.  We don’t know if it will fit for sure because we don’t have that specific monitor that you have.  However, you can try and fit it yourself to see if it will work.