"Choose your own" Prop Sign - Party Drinks

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1 set = 5 pcs of prop signs

Please indicate five (5) prop signs you wish to have in the customer note.

drink#1: Beer (not available)
drink#2: Cocktail 1 (not available)
drink#3: Cocktail 2 (not available)
drink#4: Cocktail 3 (not available)
drink#5: Wine 1 (not available)
drink #6: Wine 2

Bottle 1: Whiskey black (not available)
Bottle 2: Liqueur brown
Bottle 3: Whisky red
Bottle 4: Vodka red  (not available)
Bottle 5: Whiskey gold (not available)
Bottle 6: Cognac (not available)
Bottle 7: Tequila (not available)
Bottle 8: Liqueur black
Bottle 9: Vodka white (not available)
Bottle 10: Rum

Choose your desired party drink prop sign with these selection.

Perfect for cocktail party, bachelor party, bachelorette party, bridal showers, weddings and more.

These photo booth prop signs are perfect fit.

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