Eco Pro 3 Photo Booth Bundle Package


Have you been eyeing the T12 3.0 Eco Pro 3? 

Well, you are right on time. We have these beauties on sale right now. 

This T12 3.0 Eco Pro 3 bundle package includes:

  • 1 x T12 3.0 Eco Pro 3 Photo Booth Shell (color of your choice, black or white)
  • 1 x Ring Light
  • 1 x T12 3.0 Eco Pro 3 SKB Travel Case with Matching Foam Insert

Free Shipping to 48 US state except Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico

What else do i need to have a working photo booth?

Other than the items above, you would also need the following equipment

    • Hot Shoe
    • EOS Rebel T6 Camera
    • Camera A/C Adapter
    • Power Strip
    • Microsoft Surface Pro (MSP 3 or newer version)
      • Darkroom 3 Photo Booth Software
      • DNP RX1HS Printer
      • Media Kit (1400 prints)
      • 4-Port 2.0 USB Hub
      • USB Extension
      • Matching Attachable Printer Shelf (optional but highly advisable)
      • DNP RX1HS Aluminum Cover (optional but highly advisable)
      • DNP RX1HS Printer Travel Case (optional but highly advisable


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