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Your portable photo booth mission as an owner should be?

The photobooth is the new form of entertainment. Your job is to make the guests at the parties you entertain “giggle”. As we already know, successful photobooth operators are not selling pictures, but rather the entertainment experience.
Just about anyone can deliver a portable photobooth to a location but good photobooth operators are those who more than just take pictures. They build a rapport with their customers and effectively motivate the crowd, enticing them to become involved in the activity, just like a good DJ does.

A good photobooth operator should not be modest or shy. They should show plenty of enthusiasm, have an even temperament and pleasant personality as well as the ability to control a crowd. They should also have a customer service attitude and a strong desire to satisfy each customer.

This is perhaps why DJs found photobooths to be a natural fit. I personally think that DJs and photographers have a lot to learn from one another. Disc Jockeys turned photobooth operators need to consistently work on their photographic skills and always strive to make better quality pictures. Of course some photographers can learn from DJs as well in the goal of creating a world class experience. They are no longer photographers in the traditional sense. They are now entertainers.