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Things You Actually Need If You Are Running A Photo Booth Rental Business

You recently purchased a great and high quality photo booth package deal at a very low price.

Congrats! But is it enough? 

Sure, the photo package deal included all the basics for your photo booth rental business. But is it enough?

You got a steady flow of bookings coming in. You got a running photo booth. But is it enough?


So what else are you missing?


Consider your photobooth as an investment. Especially if you are running this business full time. Make sure to protect and ensure that the quality of the equipment you bought preserves its optimal condition.

So how do we ensure our photo booth equipment’s security?

Read on.

Purchase a travel case

Your photo booth enclosure is by far the most expensive among your photo booth equipment. Do not degrade its worth with scratches here and there. Preserve its appearance and powder coat with a durable case with a fitted foam. The foam inside the case will snug the photo booth enclosure tight while travelling especially on rough surfaces.

Get your photo booth travel cases here:

And do not forget to get travel cases for your photo booth printers! They are as important as your enclosure too.

Purchase a printer cover

Looking out for kids yanking the printouts from the printer is tiring so get yourself a printer cover with catch tray. Not only does it assist you with the printouts, it secures your printer inside from possibly being jammed by kids too.

Get your DNP RX1HS printer cover

Get your HiTi P520L/520L printer cover

Secure a photobooth insurance

Buying a photobooth is not a joke for your wallet as it is pricey and would cause you a definite heartbreak if one of the equipment are damaged because of accidents. May it be damage from guests tapping your monitor too hard as if they’ve released their hidden anger to it (poor monitor!). Alcohol is also another influence that’s unavoidable in events that causes these accidents. 

 Take one step further in protecting your booths (and your sanity) from the possibility of accidents and damages by getting an insurance that will cover potential damages on your equipment during events. 

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