Start your photo booth rental business today and start making money.  Visit for your one stop photo booth shop.  We finance!

The Photo Booth Pricing - The average continental US photo booth gig for a 3-4 hour event is around $1,000 but this does vary some by region so be sure to do some research of local competitors to get a good understanding of the prices you will need to charge based upon local competition. It’s a good idea to be priced competitively, but undercutting pricing is not the best business practice for a long and sustainable business. Remember, there are hard costs and they should be outlined in your business plan. Those hard costs go beyond the cost of the hardware and prints supplies. There is the attendant helper, gas, website hosting fees, credit card fees which all add up. Remember that clients love photo booths and the value can be sustained as long as you present your business well. It is most helpful to have good relationships with wedding and party planners and venues. Business referrals will go a long way.  

RBA Photobooths find that many of our customers are new to the photo booth business so we wanted to provide a helpful overview of how to start your own photo booth business.  Photo booths are popular and they are in most parties and events today including weddings, bar mitzvahs, festivals and even corporate events. Photo Booths are so popular that it is now possible to ditch that office or retail job and make incredible money doing something that is fun and that requires less than $10,000 in most cases to start your own business!

Just as with any business, there are many facets of the business to learn and the best way to build a successful business is to start with a business plan which will be your “guide” to the business direction, opportunities and overall business scope. Your plan should include business goals and targets so that you are working toward a measured baseline.

 Start your photo booth rental business today and start making money.  Visit for your one stop photo booth shop.  We finance!

The basics to starting a photo booth business can be divided into four parts:

1. The photo booth itself (the hardware and software you will need to buy)

2.  The photo booth business model (wholly owned by you or franchise models)

2. The photo booth customer - your target clients

3. The photo booth market and pricing


The Hardware - Photo booths are made up of a monitor (some computer keyboard driven and some with a touchscreen), a computer to drive the monitor and software), the photo booth software itself, a good camera, a light source and a printer (unless you are purchasing a 'social booth' which we will cover later.  Each of these components can vary in many ways. The configurations require each component to seamlessly work together which means the operating systems and drivers should be tested for performance and compatibility. If you are purchasing a 'social booth' type of photo booth then these will require a connection to the internet so they can upload the images to a website or social media site. If no connection is available, the images can often be stored and uploaded at a later time or the image files can be given on a USB drive to the client once the event is over.  Photo Booths are usually offered in suitcase and curtain models (lower price of entry but require more setup and prone to damage during transport and at an event) to more higher-end and more durable, integrated (read: easier setup and will last longer) photo booths such as our T11 2.0 Business Bundle Package line and our ultra-portable, 22 lb.  Our GIF Booth iPad-based T12 LED Photo Booth offer photos, GIFs and Boomang pics with Snapchat-like face tracking digital props! We also offer photo booth enclosures for the DIY photo booth builder.

The Business Model - A photo booth franchise will supply the photo booth hardware as part of your franchise start-up cost.  A photo booth franchise may be a good option for people who want a complete turnkey business which includes onsite training, marketing assistance, sales assistance and other operational support that the franchise provides. In exchange for this support, there is a royalty fee which is usually around 10%.  

 Start your photo booth rental business today and start making money.  Visit for your one stop photo booth shop.  We finance!

The Photo Booth Target Customer - The photo booth customer who is interested in renting a photo booth can be found any number of ways. Photo booths are popular at most any event or party such as weddings, bar mitzvahs, parties and even commercial events such as trade shows and festivals!  Letting that customer know you have photo booths for rent is usually best accomplished through a website and a social site like Facebook. These sites should have fun photos of your photo booth being used so the client knows what it will look like. Your website and Facebook page should have enough information to get them interested and tell them how to get in touch with you if they want to book for an event.  Since weddings and corporate events are such an important on-going client base for photo booth gigs, the best way to get a constant stream of business is to network with wedding coordinators and corporate event planners in your geographic area.

 Start your photo booth rental business today and start making money.  Visit for your one stop photo booth shop.  We finance!