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CTS Wholesale Sunglasses for your Photo Booth Props

Another cool place to buy some great but not so expensive props sunglass for your photo booth business is CTS Wholesale Sunglasses

Based out of Oregon, has a wide assortment of sunglasses sold in lots of 12 for the most part with prices ranging from .66 to $3 each– they also have a novelty section that is great for photobooths, with Devo sunglasses, “Bats” sunglasses, “Frankenstein” sunglasses, flashing sunglasses, well you get the idea. They also have a sunglass display for $16 that will help you keep all the sunglasses organized.

They also sell hats – my favorite is the jester hat that at last check was being sold at $30 for 12 of them.

If you are looking for some cool sunglass props that will last a bit longer than what CTS Wholesale Sunglasses sell, you can always buy it from RBA Photobooths.  A selection of props with a very good quality at a very affordable price.

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