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Buying Photo Booth Props From Dollar Stores, Garage Sales, And Thrift Shops

Buying photo booth props from Dollar Stores, Garage Sales, and Thrift Shops can save you money.  At the same time, you can find some really cool and unique props for your portable photo booth business.

Dollar Stores

Some of the props at dollar stores are garbage, but others are irreplaceable, especially now that dollar stores have become dollarand-up (LOL) stores. Many times I find props in dollar stores that I can't find at a better price at wholesale.

When I do find something good I tend to stock up on it.
The only down side to dollar stores seems to be that they have very few after-season sales on items that are not perishable. Of course when the item is a dollar in the first place, well it is hard to discount that.

Garage Sales

If you enjoy attending garage sales, you might be amazed at the quality of goods you may be able to find that could be used as photobooth props.  Of course it will never be as good as the props that RBA Photobooths sells, but I enjoy garage sales (though I don't have the time to attend them that I would like) because you never know what you are going to find. I may spend an entire morning and find nothing and then another day I just stop at one sale on the way to something else and I find the buy of a lifetime. According to Forrest Gump, “life is like a box of chocolates” and I really like the fact that at a garage sale you never know what you are going to get.

I really find it hard to NOT stop at a garage sale though sometimes I am prevented from doing so either because of time limitations or because of who else is in the car that has no interest in garage sales. No, I have never found that million dollar piece of artwork for a dollar, but I have picked up a lot of lesser items.

Thrift Shops

No I am not talking about the Mackelmore song but since I mentioned garage sales, I may as well mention thrift shops. Once again, looking for props here is an adventure – they will probably not be as cheap as garage sales, but cheaper than regular stores. Of course, I tend to avoid things from thrift shops that I can't wash, unless in the rare instance it is new of course.

In conclusion, don't waste your time at dollar store and thrift shops.  Buy your props at RBA Photobooths and save yourself a lot of grief.  Or do what I do sometimes, stop by garage sales.  You will be surprise on what you will find.

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