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Building A Photo Booth Business 101


RBA Photobooths is dedicated to delivering premium yet economical modern photo booth equipment using both proven and innovative systems to help all photo booth owners and aspirants reach their photo booth goals.


To be the most valued and preferred photo booth business partner of all our customers.


The steadily booming photobooth business presents an enticing oppotunity to achieve your own photobooth business.

RBA PHOTOBOOTHS take pride in our customer satisfaction and providing top notch photo booth equipment, accessories and travel cases.
We strive to exceed the expectations of the customers we serve. Not only do we cater photobooth owners and enthusiasts, we also see the significance of DJs needs with our products. Aside from these, here are more of the reasons why

RBA Photobooths is the optimal photo boooth company of choice of you:


  • Unending innovation. We strive in fabricating innovative ideas and linking these with business realities.
  • We continuously perform extensive research in making ways to make our products better.
  • Built to last products. To produce premium quality products yet keeping up with the most modern designs. Aesthetics are as important as that of quality.



Mutual respect & SUPPORT. May it be technical support, training support - we will be with you hand in hand to achieve your photobooth goals. You are also part of our team. RBA Photobooths is inclusive, open and actively engaged with our customer, partners and employees.


We understand the struggle of those photobooth enthusiasts in starting up a business.

That is we offer budget-friendly packages and products. Through our third party financing partners, we can help you get through this obstacle and assure a quick return on investment for our consumers and a priceless experience for users.


Made-to-fit your dream. We anticipate, listen and respond to our consumers’ needs. Many have reached out to us with ideas that need enhancement. We are happy to listen and make your ideas come to life for your photobooth business.


We, as a team, work together and overcome our differences to achieve optimal results as shown in our exceptional products.
Meet our team to see how we can best serve your company. 


T11 2.0 Photobooth

Our pioneer in the T11 line series. This beaut was crafted to cater portability and convenience to female photobooth owners and attendees. Lightweight and with its streamlined design, it will surely catch your guests’ attention. Among all the T11 line series, the T11 2.0 boasts its circular pole thus, giving it the lightweight feature.

T11 2.5 Photobooth

A bolder and brawny look of the T11 2.0 Shell. The T11 2.5 Photobooth has the rectangular support to give that robust appearance. The rectangular stand provides sturdier support. This shell holds the same equipment as that of the T11 2.0 Photobooth Shell but with angst aesthetics.

T11 FLEX Photobooth

If you like everything about the T11 Series but hate the option to take out the strobe flash and umbrella above every time the event ends, then this design is for you. Its head unit size of 14" X 9" X 26" complements that modern and rectangular design of its stand. The T11 VISION Photobooth offers more branding.

T11 VISION Photobooth

We saw the lucrative demand of the LED lights on out other booths and so we have developed and launched this contemporary concept on our T11 line series.

We did not stop there, as we added some more aesthetic-pleasing designs great for parties – an event everyone will surely never forget. The T11 VISION Photo Booth was built for photographers looking to break through in the photo booth industry. Just like the T11 2.5 and T11 FLEX Photo Booths, this has a rectangular shaped stand.

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