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Increase your Photo Booth Sales in 2019 without the SEO

Best Ways to Market your Photo Booth Rental Business


You need to have strong online presence and connect with your clients and potential customers. Interacting or exchanging thoughts with your clients are a good way to start that presence. Regularly post your events and setups on your social media. Live feeds are a great strategy too. Even a simple immediate response to their inquiries will suffice. It ensures that you are responsive and reachable business owner.

Events and Networking

Sure social media are a great medium in getting your word out there. But the traditional ways of physical interaction through attending event expos esp wedding expos have proven their effectiveness too. Having a good rapport and relationship with trusted event organizers and providing discounts with their bookings would also be something to consider.  Doing charity events, if you allow it, will give you an advantage too. 

Do you know that by doing corporate social responsibility activities increases your sales by 20%? 


By supporting the green movement, you are gaining potential clients’ trust and good reputation.

Email Marketing

As with posting regularly in your social media platforms, it is also ideal to send out weekly or biweekly newsletters. This is to also create awareness to your repeat and potential clients on any ongoing promos that you offer or your current updates that may be beneficial to them. 

You can capture the emails from the photo booth software that you used when sending out the digital copies of the photos. Just be sure that you and the client have agreed on capturing these email addresses during the event.

Advertising through your printouts

Everyone is a potential client esp the guests during the events. Adding your logo, website and contact details in the photo booth printouts is a great and free advertising strategy in instilling your brand to the guests’ minds whenever they have an event coming up.

Encourage them to post their photos online and to tag your brand. This ripple effect is one of the proven marketing strategies as well.

Word of the mouth through great service

Nothing beats going old-school through WOM and referrals. Of course, there is nothing to talk about or your brand would not be referred to if they did not experience a helluva of a service from you.


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