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Be Creative When Renting Your Photobooths

Look into getting some custom frames for the client so the guests are taking home something more significant. Check Dollar Tree type stores or the below to buy them in bulk.

Harkin Industries/ Harkin Incorporated
3 Yeoman Dr. East Northport NY 11731


It is not hard to make a photo book these days. Even supermarkets can provide you with free online software with which you can create photo books at a reasonable price (about $30 for 26 pages with a hard cover - 2014 pricing) and this makes for a great upsell. Walmart online also has a similar setup.

As this is quite a bit of extra work I generally save this upselling for my premium packages, but where I have done these books the brides have been thrilled.
Once again, though it is available easily for anyone to offer, not everyone offers it. This can help you stand out.


I have said over and over again that I am a big proponent of open as opposed to closed booths. However, every once in a blue moon a client will insist on closing the open booth. Of course the nice thing is that while you can always close an open booth, you can’t open a closed booth - yet another reason why I like open booths better.

Of course it takes time and a tent to achieve this, so this to me becomes an up-sell.

I will do outdoor functions with no problem other than I insist on being under a tent in case of inclement weather. Id there is no tent then I insist that they rent from us a canopy - this is $100.

If they want to close the tent for the purposes of private pictures, the add-on is $125.

Celebrity Impersonators

This is an idea I got once when a client actually brought cardboard cutouts of celebrities to use as props.

There are a lot of agencies out there that offer celebrity impersonators, especially in the larger metropolitan areas. This may not be possible in norther Alaska, or at least not to any wide degree.

I generally will charge what the agency charges me plus 25 percent for my trouble. I thought about making it 50 or 100 percent, but since the agency rates are reasonable high to begin with and publicly available (though I do get a discount with some of them) I didn’t want to push it.

Of course in working with the agencies, I am also marketing my photobooth services to them. This to me has been the more valuable part of the equation.


To create a painting of the ceremony or of parts of the reception.


And Some More Ideas

In additional to a photobooth you may want to make connections so you can offer the following services to your customers. I have seen all of these done at weddings though in my case it was not I but rather the bride and groom that arranged. In the future I will be offering this.

make on-the-spot drawings of guests that they can take home.


You can literally end the night with a bang. Nothing could be more memorable than a fabulous outdoor fireworks show. Suggest that the show be in the wedding colors, or at least the finale should be in the wedding colors.


Here is a product that doesn't directly with photobooths, but if you are in the wedding or event business, you may find will put a bit of extra money in your pocket.

These people were neighbors of mine at a recent Mobile Beat DJ show and were offering their product as an up-sell not just to photobooth operators but also DJs and for that matter anyone in the wedding business. Once the wedding couple signs up and creates their album they receive personalized business cards with instructions for their guests

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