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Nimbus Wide Stand Photo Booth Shell Only

Nimbus Wide Stand Photo Booth Shell Only

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 The photo booth industry is evolving.  More and more photo booth owners are adding the RBA Nimbus wide stand iPad booth with their rental arsenal.


The Nimbus iPad booth is commonly rented to the corporate end customers who tend to just want a social media concept of boothing.  Mainly to provide a new experience to their customer.  Data collections and social media sharing are the latest craze in photo booting.  


* Restaurant

* Nigh Club

* Corporate Events

* Doctors Office

* Dental Office

* Tradeshows

iPad not included in this listing

What else do I need to buy to have a running photo booth?

  • iPad Pro 12.9 Gen 2
  • Slideshow Photobooth Software

Nimbus Photo Booth Specifications:

  • Base plate: 15.5”  x  21”
  • Ipad housing diameter:  19.25”
  • iPad Wide Stand 42" X 12" X 4"
  • Total height:  61.5”
  • Depth from front to rear of pedestal:  6”
  • Total Net Weight: 27.40lbs 


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  • Does it has a 10.5 inch bracket?

    We are still under development of the 10.5” faceplate.  As soon as it is done, we will add it on our listing.  Please check in on our website from time to time.

  • Is this Photo Booth in stock?

    All of our photo booth shells are available and in stock ready to ship.  However, just like most stores who keeps inventory on stock, we too will run out.  When it does runs out, you will notice on the listing that it will state "out of stock" but you can still order it.

  • How does the nimbus top hinge? Like for kids?

    There is a bolt on the edge and a custom key we created.  Loosen the bolt just a tad bit using the custom key and tilt down and up.