RBA AirPrint


What's included?

- 1 RBA AirPrint
- 1 RBA Airprint Power supply
- 1 Start Up Guide

What's RBA AirPrint used for?
It's main purpose is to print on specialized photo printer from an Apple device: iOS or macOS

It can be connected to via:
- RBA AirPrint's WIFI access point
- RBA AirPrint's LAN cable

Optionally, it can be used WIFI Router, but no configuration changes
are possible. When the RBA AirPrint is connected to the internet via its cable port,
all the devices connected to the RBA AirPrint via WIFI can access
to the internet also.

Compatible with DNP RX1, DNP and DNP DS620a

- 4 x ports USB 2.0
- 1 x port 10/100 Mbit/s Ethernet
- Wi-Fi B (IEEE 802.1 lb), WIFI G (IEEE 802.1 lb)
- Access Point Security: WPA2

Watch DNP RX1HS Printer RBA Air Print for Nimbus iPad Photo Booth: HERE

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