5 Reasons Not To Be Terrified of Photo Booth Software

5 Reasons Not To Be Terrified of Photo Booth Software

The photo booth software that you use in your business on a daily business is designed to make life easy for you. If you are worried that it might be terrifying to use then it is time to put your mind at ease.
The following are some of the best reasons not to feel the cold chill of terror running down your spine at the thought of your new photo booth software.

It is Easy

Running a photo booth isn’t a task that is going to take you a long time to learn. In fact, we have made it as easy as possible for you to get going and take professional photos time after time.
It should only take you a few minutes to get to grips with the control system and the functions on our photo booths. You certainly shouldn’t think that you are going to be stuck there studying manuals for hour after hour.
Of course, if you have any questions then our friendly support team is here to give you the advice that you need. We will also advise you on the latest updates that you need to be aware of.

It Uses Touchscreen Technology

These days, most of us are comfortable using the touchscreens on our phones and tablets. Well, you can use this same ability on our excellent.
By controlling the phone booth software using the built-touchscreen you can very easily carry out the tasks that you need to do. There is no need to be a technology expect or to know a lot about photography to use your new booth.
Just give it a try and you are sure to get going quickly thanks to the touchscreen technology.

Photo Booth Software Is Fun to Use

Next up, we need to look at the plain and simple fact that using our photo booth software is fun. Who knew that working and running your own business could be as enjoyable as this?
You can take tremendous pride in giving your clients amazing memories while also having fun doing it. This makes it the perfect sort of business for someone who wants to enjoy their daily work while putting a smile on other people’s faces as well.
Forget about work having to be a drudge to pay the bills. When you buy a photo booth from us you get to enjoy your work from now on.

You Can Practice at Home

Lastly, one of the great things about owning a portable photo booth is that you can practice at home. There is no need to head out for first jobs unprepared when you can use the photo booth software at home first of all.
Obviously, it can be amazing fun to take pictures at home while getting to grips with your new photo booth. In very little time you will genuinely feel like an expert.

This will give you a huge amount of confidence when the time comes to get out there and make your clients happy.
With the right photo booth software your new business will be a pleasure to run. Don’t take a chance by choosing second best when we offer top notch booths with incredible software.

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Is This the Perfect Time to Buy a Photo Booth?

Is This the Perfect Time to Buy a Photo Booth?

Do you want to buy a photo booth in order to start your own business? Well, this is an idea that many people now have and that can work wonders for anyone’s life.

Perhaps you have heard that the photo booth rental industry is booming and want a slice of the action? As you will see, there are some powerful reasons for believing that this is the perfect time to buy a photo booth.

It Is Time Want to Run Your Own Business

Have you always dreamed of running your own business in your own way and feel that the time is now right to do so? If you have then you will love the fact that buying a photo booth lets you take control of your own destiny so easily.

Best of all, this is a relatively easy type of business to run. Once you buy a photo booth then you just need to look for people who want to hire you for their events.

After this, it is a question of turning up at these events with your photo booth equipment and helping everyone take great photos. This should be a lot of fun for you and it might not even particularly feel like you are running a business as it is so much fun.

The Time Is Right to Earn More Money

Of course, we all want to earn more money but how could the decision to buy a photo booth help you with this. Well, this is a terrific time for the photo booth hire business, as more and more people see how exciting it is to hire a booth.

Clearly, no business idea is guaranteed to earn you unlimited riches. However, when you start a photo booth business you will be aiming to earn enough for a comfortable lifestyle.

If you do it well then this is the type of business that will give you a lot of pleasure and also a very high earning potential. The first step is to choose the right photo booth that will give you the tools you need to make this venture a success.

Buy a Photo Booth to Enjoy Work More

Finally, do you want to enjoy working more than you do now? Most of us would like to look forward to our jobs with more enthusiasm and wake up with a smile on our faces each morning.

Do you feel that the time is right to make your career more interesting and rewarding? Certainly, when you buy a photo booth this will add a spark to your work and to your life in general.

If you feel that the time is right to enjoy your work more then purchasing a photo booth is a great move to make. You will soon discover that this is the kind of business that makes life feel good again.

Don’t delay any longer. If you want to enjoy working and living more than ever then finding the perfect portable photo booth will put you on the right road.

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Choosing Portable Photo Booths: Why Packages Are Best

Choosing Portable Photo Booths: Why Packages Are Best

When choosing portable photo booths for the first time there are some important points to be aware of. To start with, you will want to understand the different ways that you can build your own photo booth.

Basically, you can buy a complete package that includes everything you need. Alternatively, you could choose the pieces separately, buying the likes of the enclosure and shell on their own.

The smarter move is to buy complete portable photo booths in the form of packages. So, what are the benefits of doing this?

Get Started Quickly and Easily

Perhaps the strongest reason for looking at photo booth packages is to get off to a flying start. If you look at the best portable photo booths with everything that you need then your photo booth hire business will be up and running in no time.

For instance, if you buy a complete package right now then you will be ready to start your photo booth business as soon as it arrives. This means that you will soon be gaining your first clients and making money in this way.On the other hand, if you buy each of the components separately then it may take some time for you to be ready to get going.

Work Out Your Budget

Perhaps the biggest reason that some people don’t buy complete portable photo booths is that they worry about the cost. Yet, there are some very good reasons for believing that buying a package is a smart financial move.

To begin with, there is the fact that you can work out your budget more easily. By buying everything that you need in one simple package you will see right away exactly how much it will cost.

However, what if you don’t think that you have the cash right now to buy a full portable photo booth package? Well, the good news is that you can take advantage of special offers and financing deals to make it even easier to get started even on a small budget.

Find the Right Portable Photo Booths

Another great thing about buying a photo booth package is that you can see right away what the complete system looks like. This means you will have total confidence in looking through the portable photo booths for sale and choosing the right one.

Once you see a photo booth package that looks perfect then you will know exactly what you are going to be getting. By choosing portable photo booths in comprehensive packages you will get the right equipment to aim for success.

This will give you the tools and photo booth software that you need to turn your idea into a wonderful business. How great will you feel when you start your photo booth hire business knowing that you are all set to make it work?

Don’t let a lack of the right tools ruin your business idea before it even gets off the ground. Take a look at some great photo booth packages to give yourself the best possible chance of future success.

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What Photo Booth Supply Items Do You Need?

What Photo Booth Supply Items Do You Need?

You may wonder what photo booth supply items you need for now and in the future.

Clearly, when you aim to make a big success of your photo booth rental business you will want to have all of the equipment and accessories to do a fantastic job.

Get the Basics to Start in Style

Firstly, you need to get the basics right. This means getting a good quality photo booth shell or enclosure that looks good, is durable, and that you can move around easily.

Photo Booth Supply

As well as this you will need a camera, a printer, and a touch screen monitor that you can use in order to control the photo booth software. These are your basic photo booth supply items that you can’t really operate without.

It certainly makes sense to make a good investment with this equipment, as they are things that you will get great use out of for years to come. On the other hand, if you buy low quality equipment at this stage then you are making life difficult for yourself right away.

The quality of this equipment will soon become evident once you start to work with it. The best photo booth equipment and software is a joy to work with, while lower grade stuff could cause you no end of frustration.

The Extras for a Better Job

Next, with a little bit of thought you can pick up some photo booth supply extras that help you to do a better job. Some of these things will make life easier for you, while others will help you to produce better photos.

For example, you could add to your photo booth business with the likes of an umbrella and a quality strobe flash. A comprehensive photo booth package will usually include these items in it anyway.

In fact, a good idea is to look at the equipment offered in the most complete booth packages. Even if you are planning on buying a more basic photo booth, this will let you see what to aspire to over time.

Essential Photo Booth Supply Items You Will Always Need

Finally there are a few things that you will never want to be without. These include the likes of printer paper and ink.

Once your business gets up and running you will find that you get through a lot of paper and ink. This is good news, course, as it means that you are doing well and taking a lot of photos at different events.

What you don’t ever want to do is run out of either of these photo booth supply items when you are out at an event. In addition, you might want to take along some props such as funny hats and wigs that could lighten up proceedings and lead to some brilliant photos.

By spending some time getting the right photo booth supplies and equipment you will be giving yourself the best possible chance of making this business a roaring success.

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What Photo Booths for Sale Are Right for You?

What Photo Booths for Sale Are Right for You?

With so many fantastic photo booths for sale it is no surprise to see that it can be difficult to choose the perfect model.

Thankfully, the good news is that the incredible explosion in this industry has led to booths being created that are perfect for every budding photo booth entrepreneur. The following are a few of the points to take into account when weighing up some photo booths for sale.

The Price of Photo Booths for Sale

First of all, there is no denying that the budget is the biggest and most important point for most of us. As with any other type of new business venture, you won’t want to over-stretch yourself by spending too much on your initial equipment.

This is why buying a photo booth starter package is such a popular idea. In this way, you get to set up your business with the bare minimum that you need and then build it up over time.

Choosing one of the inexpensive and basic photo booths for sale just now is a clever way of getting going on a relatively budget. By doing this you can test the market and see whether you are going to be as successful as you had hoped for.

On the other hand, if you have a substantial budget to spend then you might decide to go for the best possible equipment right away. In either case, buying a photo booth isn’t as expensive as you might initially think.

Think About Your Transport Needs

Secondly, the issue of transporting the new photo booth is something that every new business owner needs to think about. While we all need to move the machine about from one event to another, there are some factors that could make it more of an issue for some people than for others.

For instance, do you have someone who can help you move it around with you, or will you be doing it all on your own? Are you worried that you might not have the physical strength to move photo booth equipment regularly, or is your vehicle a little on the small side?

The truth is that the best photo booths for sale these days are nice and light. Most people won’t have any trouble moving one, although if you have any particular concerns in this matter then you might want to look for the lightest possible equipment.

Look to Have Fun

Lastly, not every business opportunity also gives you the chance to have some fun as well. However, the photo booth rental business is fantastic in this respect.

There can be few types of work that are as enjoyable as going to take fun pictures of people enjoying special events. You can make it even better by looking at fun photo booths for sale with smart software and all of the features that you want to see.

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How to Start a Photo Booth Business on Your Own as a DIY

How to Start a Photo Booth Business on Your Own as a DIY

Photo Booth Business

A photo booth business is a wonderful type of venture that could bring an exciting new phase in your life. Yet, you might wonder whether doing it alone is something you are capable.

Well, there is no reason to fear this idea. Getting started on your exciting photo booth business is something that can be done easily if you follow these simple steps.

Test and Understand the Equipment

As you will be the sole person responsible for running the business, you will definitely need to be comfortable using the equipment. This isn’t a particularly daunting matter, though, as the best photo booths are incredibly easy to use.

You just need to take some time to test the equipment and fully understand how it all works. If you choose a quality booth then the photo booth software will make it easy to use, anyway.

Plan Ahead

There is no reason that one person can’t run a photo booth business, but it does require some forward planning. For example, you probably won’t want to go rushing from one event to the next if you can help it.

There is also the fact that it will take you a bit longer to move the equipment and to get set up. This means that you need to factor some additional time into how long each event will take you.

Decide When to Add Staff

There is a very good chance that you thoroughly enjoy working on your own in your photo hire business. However, if it all goes well then you might decide that adding staff to help you out will move you on to the next level.

Certainly, having a team behind you will allow you to reach out to more potential clients and to attend more events. The key is in choosing the perfect time to expand your business in this way.

Feel Proud of Your Photo Booth Business

You can feel immensely proud or running a successful photo booth business on your own. This is the kind of achievement that not everyone can boast of.

It is a magnificent feeling to know that you have built up a strong business from scratch without anyone else. If you can do this then it will make you feel that you can take on any challenges that you come across in the future.

Don’t be put off by the prospect of running a photo booth business on your own. This is something that can be done by anyone who has the determination to make a better life for themselves and enjoy their work more.

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A Brief but Fascinating History of Photo Booths

A Brief but Fascinating History of Photo Booths

The history of photo booths is longer and a lot more interesting than many people think. If you are thinking of buying a booth to start your own business then you will be joining an industry with a long and rich history.

So, when did the first photo booth appear in the world? Surprisingly, these wonderful machines have been around for well over a century.

The First Photo Booths

The history of photo booths begins in earnest back in 1889. This was the year in which the Eiffel Tower was opened, Charlie Chaplin was born, and the first edition of the Wall Street Journal was published.

The world’s first ever photo booth was also shown off this year at the historic World Fair in Paris. This was a coin-operated machine that took around 5 minutes to produce a photo on a thin metal sheet, amazing the visitors who were lucky enough to be there to give it a try.

If we fast forward to 1896 and hop across to Germany then we can see the introduction of the first automatic photo booth that included a negative and positive process. It was clearly a long way from the slick modern booths on sale these days but the history of photo booths was now well underway.

Photo Booths Reach the US

The distant year of 1925 was when the first television pictures were successfully transmitted, the Grand Old Opry was first broadcast on radio, and work on Mount Rushmore was authorized by the Government. In terms of the history of photo booths, this was when an exciting new model first reached the US.

A Russian immigrant named Anatol Josepho is credited with being the man who created the very first photo booth in New York City that was enclosed by a curtain. He called it the Photomaton and legend has it that it was a roaring success right away, making the inventor a fortune and adding a lot of pleasure to people’s lives.

The History of Photo Booths – The Sixties Revolution


The 1960s are, of course, famous for many things. The rise of a vibrant counterculture, Woodstock, JFK’s assassination, and a strong anti-war movement made the Sixties one of the most memorable decades in human history.

This was also when the history of photo booths moved into a more modern age. For a start, artist Andy Warhol began to use portraits from booths in his work, bringing them to a wide audience.

1968 was also a hugely important year for photo booth equipment. This was when users were first able to operate the machines themselves rather relying upon an attendant. The following decade then saw color photos introduced to photo booth machines.

The Current Situation

Finally, the history of photo booths isn’t just confined to the distant past, though. In the last few years innovative new booths have ensured that these amazing pieces of equipment are as popular as ever.

An astonishing boom in the use of portable photo booths at special events has seen the hiring out of them become a thrilling business idea. Modern booths retain the classic idea of the very first models but now include cutting edge designs and terrific software that makes using them easy and very enjoyable.

If you want to get an exciting and flexible new business that puts a smile on faces then the very latest photo booths offer an unbeatable way of doing this. After all, they have been making people smile for more than a century.

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Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Photo Booth Hire Event

Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Photo Booth Hire Event

Photo Booth Hire Event

You will be delighted whenever you are hired for a photo booth hire event. This is a sign that people are now aware of your business and happy to use your services.

Yet, you may also wonder how you can carry this task out with the sort of slick, professional service that you strive for. Well, the following tips will help you to do it all just right every single time.

photobooth hire

Check Out the Location

Firstly, if you are asked to provide photo booth hire services at a location you have never been to before then you may be worried about how it will go. To put your mind at ease it is a smart move to go and check out the place first of all.

This will let you see potential issues such as whether it has difficult access or if there are few good spots to put your photo booth once you get there. You can then spend some time working out how best to get in and where best to put the booth once you get there.

Of course, once you are more experienced in photo booth hire then you probably won’t feel the need to do this. Indeed, you might end up going to the places again and again anyway.

However, it is definitely a good idea to do this at your first events, as it will help you to feel more confident in the build-up to the big day.

Time the Journey There

Next up, when will you need to leave home in order to get there in time for the event? If you don’t really know then it is time to find out.

You certainly don’t want to turn up late and flustered to your first photo booth hire events. It is far better to get there early and feeling completely relaxed about everything.

Certainly, to do this you may be happy looking online for details of the best route there and how long it should take you to arrive. However, if you are still unsure of any details then there is no harm in heading out to make the journey for real.

photo booth hire event

Photo Booth Hire Event

Test Your Photo Booth Hire Equipment

If you have purchased quality photo booth equipment for your business then you will feel confident about putting it to use at your first events. Having said that, you should also consider the idea of testing your equipment before you leave home anyway.

This will ensure that you head off to your photo booth hire events knowing that everything is in tip top condition and ready to use. It is a wonderful feeling to travel to a photo booth event with excellent equipment that you know you can rely on to do a fantastic job every time.

Relax and Feel Positive

Finally, you need to make sure that you are in the right frame of mind for this upcoming photo booth hire event. You will want to turn up relaxed and ready to have a good time but also with a professional attitude.

You don’t ever want to forget that you have been given the privilege of helping to add something very special to someone’s big day. If you give them exactly what they want at photo booth hire event, then it will be an extremely satisfying and rewarding day for you as well as for them.

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Why Photo Booth Packages Are Challenging Photo Sharing Sites

Why Photo Booth Packages Are Challenging Photo Sharing Sites

The rise of photo booth packages has been one of the most incredible success stories of the last few years.

In fact, it is even more remarkable when you consider that photo and video sharing sites such as Instagram and Snapchat have also grown massively in the same period. So, what is it that makes photo booth packages such an attractive proposition in this age of social media and instant photo sharing?

They Are a Lot More Fun

Sharing photos or videos online can be entertaining but for many people it just doesn’t have the same thrill as snapping photos in the real world. After all, it can be a solitary and fairly empty experience to sit in front of your computer and upload photos to show to the world.

Compare this to the excitement of smiling and posing with friends in a welcoming photo booth. If you hire out your photo booth equipment at events then you are giving everyone a chance to create stunning memories that are about more than just the images on screen or on paper.

The best photo booth packages are easy to use and offer an exciting world of adventure and pleasure for everyone who uses them. It is a communal experience that is guaranteed to get people laughing and having a great time together.

Photo Booth Packages Offer a Memorable Experience

Secondly, there is simply no way of comparing the personal, intimate experience of taking your photo in a booth to that of taking and uploading a selfie at home. This is a highly personal and memorable experience that will linger long in the memory of anyone who does it.

Buying photo booth packages isn’t just about setting up a potentially profitable new business. It is also a way adding some spice and a lot of fun to people’s lives when you provide your services to them.

You can take a great deal of pleasure out of seeing how your clients have such a great time thanks to your booth.

You Can Share Just As Easily

Lastly, the huge benefit to be found in social media photo sharing sites is that you can share your photos instantly and easily. Simply by adding your new snaps to Instagram or Facebook you immediately let all of your friends and family see them.

Well, the good news is that the very best photo booth packages also let you do this just as easily. A quality booth will come with photo booth software or even a social media station that allows users to share their photos in the way that best suits them.

In this way, photo booths now have a very clever way of giving us the best of both worlds. People can take fun, emotional pictures in a relaxed setting and then send the results to all of their contacts using the power and flexibility of social media sites.

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How Christmas Photo Booth Hire Adds to the Festive Fun

How Christmas Photo Booth Hire Adds to the Festive Fun

It is amazing how much fun Christmas photo booth hire adds to the festive season. Of course, when used in the right way a quality photo booth can make everyone present enjoy any event more at this time of year.

Christmas Photo Booth

So, in what ways can Christmas photo booth hire make this festive season the best one yet? If you run a photo booth hire business then you can look forward to the following things this year.


Christmas Photo Booth Hire at Office Christmas Parties


Christmas Photo Booth imagesFirstly, it is a wonderful idea for companies to hire a Christmas photo booth for the office party. If any of your clients ask you about this service then be sure to tell them how much fun it will add to the event.

People can take funny pictures with Santa, with each other and with those all-important Secret Santa gifts. While photo booths are tremendous fun at any time of year, at Christmas parties they are simply sensational and really add to the party atmosphere.

Everyone wants their office Christmas party to be the best ever and Christmas photo booth hire helps ensure that it fizzes along for hours instead of fading out like a damp squib. The whole office will love seeing their manager and colleagues letting their hair down in this way while forgetting about the serious business for a few memorable hours.


Add Some Silly Festive Outfits and Props

What a Christmas Photo Boothbrilliant opportunity the festive season is for being more relaxed and fun-loving than normal. You can help events at this time of year to go with even more of a festive swing by taking along some Christmas photo booth props with you.

Santa hats, elf outfits, and reindeer antlers all help to inject a lot of humour into any special events at this special time of year. If you are asked to attend any Christmas photo booth hire event then be sure to take along some of these props to get people laughing and taking fabulous photos with these silly looks.

Get Everyone Relaxed and Smiling


Christmas Photo BoothFinally, one of the big challenges when you run a photo booth rental business is to help the people attending the event to relax and smile. This is one of the ways in which you help to add fun and create special memories for everyone.

By hiring a photo booth for the event, the organisers are virtually guaranteeing fun and smiles all the way. Everyone loves to relax and take some great pictures at this time of year.

If you are asked to provide Christmas photo booth hire then you can be sure that you will be adding a lot of pleasure to other people’s festive season, which is a fantastic way to work when you think about it.

Get paid while having fun.  Order our photo booths now at

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How to Assemble or Setup the T19 2.0 Prism Photo Booth Shell

The T19 2.0 Photobooth is the latest upgrade for our popular T19 version Photobooth enclosure.  The T19 2.0 is our medium size enclosure.  It is not too big and it is not too small, it is simply just perfect.  The RBA T19 2.0  has the flexibility to offer both studio style umbrella lighting or use your built in camera flash.  The T19 2.0 Photo Booth system is designed to fit inside a standard car sedan.

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